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Blast Away the Blockage: Hydrojetting Explained

Updated: Apr 30

a worker using a high-pressured hose to clean a sewer

Clogged drains are a pain, but what if there was a superhero for your pipes? Enter hydro jetting, a powerful tool that uses pressurized water to conquer even the toughest clogs. Think of it like a power washer for your plumbing!

How does it work? Imagine a high-powered hose shooting a focused jet of water into your drain. This water blast cuts through and removes anything in its path: grease, hair, roots, the whole gang. Keep reading for hydrojetting explained.

Why choose hydro jetting?

  • Superhero strength: Clears even the most stubborn clogs that other methods can't handle.

  • Versatile: Works on various drain sizes and materials, perfect for homes and businesses.

  • Eco-friendly: No harsh chemicals, just pure water power!

  • Long-lasting results: Keeps your pipes clean and flowing freely for longer.

When is it your hero's time to shine?

  • Recurring clogs: Tired of battling backups? Hydro jetting can remove the root cause for good.

  • Grease build-up: Restaurants and kitchens, this one's for you! Blast away greasy gunk before it becomes a major problem.

  • Tree root invasion: Those pesky roots don't stand a chance against a hydro jetting hero.

  • Mystery clogs: Not sure what's causing the blockage? A camera inspection can team up with hydro jetting for a powerful solution.

Preparing for your hydro jetting hero:

  • Clear the area: Give your hero easy access to the drain.

  • Share intel: Tell the technician about any plumbing quirks or repairs.

  • Protect your valuables: Move anything that might get splashed.

Remember: Hydro jetting is powerful, so choose a qualified hero like reScope Drain Aid! They have the experience, equipment, and expertise to tackle any clog, big or small.

Contact Us Today for More Hydrojetting Explained

Don't let clogged drains be your villain. Call on reScope Drain Aid today and let hydro jetting be your plumbing hero!  (801) 701-1423

With reScope Drain Aid and the power of hydro jetting, your drains will be flowing freely and thanking you for it!


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