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Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection

Sewer and drain camera inspection, a critical component of modern plumbing services, employs cutting-edge technology to diagnose issues within your sewer lines. By searching for "sewer camera service near me" or "sewer camera near me," you can find Rescope DrainAid professionals equipped with specialized sewer line cameras and sewer pipe cameras designed specifically for in-depth inspections. These high-resolution cameras for sewer pipe inspection navigate through your plumbing to pinpoint the exact location and nature of any blockages or damages, eliminating guesswork and reducing sewer line costs associated with traditional excavation methods. Additionally, services encompass sewer camera repair to ensure that the camera sewer inspection process is seamless and efficient. Opting for a camera sewer inspection not only provides a clear view of the internal condition of your pipes but also offers a cost-effective solution to maintaining the integrity of your plumbing sewer camera system.


ReScope Drain Aid provides fast and professional water main replacement in the city. When your property is experiencing low flow, our team of professional plumbers will get right on the job and replace your existing water main without minimal interruptions to your daily routines and schedules.

At ReScope Drain Aid, we specialize in water main replacement and repairs, with regular service to homes and businesses across Utah. With our team of experienced professionals on the job, you can rest assured. Whether you suspect you have a problem or want to run a routine inspection of your waterline, Our Team provides the knowledge and expertise to accomplish any water main replacement job in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Expert Service. Affordable Pricing.

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