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ReScope Protection Plan


Enjoy peace of mind for your home or office plumbing and drain repairs with ReScope Drain Aid's Protection Plan 

Tanked ReScope Protection Plan $109.00 Annually
Tankless ReScope Protection Plan $249.00 Annually

What Does a ReScope Drain Aid's Protection Plan Cover? 

1. Tanked Water Heater Flush

  • Water Heater Inspection to Code

  • Water Heater flush

    • Tankless Water Heater Flush

    • Tanked Water Heater Flush

2. Home Inspection (Includes the following Services per below)

  • Inspection of ALL Faucets & Toilets

  • Water Supply Lines

  • Water Shut-Offs

  • Water Heater Inspection to Code

  • Water Pressure/Hardness Test

3. Secondary Drain Clean (One of the following Services per below)

  • Toilet Auger

  • Kitchen Sink

  • Floor Drain

  • Shower/Tub

  • Laundry

Plus you will receive a 10% discount OFF any work performed in your residency over the next year!

Being prepared is the best way to avoid unexpected plumbing and drain repairs. Thinking ahead and making sure that even what seems like a small issue can be quickly fixed and can help you save money and bring you peace of mind.

Expert Service. Affordable Pricing.

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